The Official Site of BART-Bonding and Relaxation Techniques says that it was "started in 1989 with a grant funded by VI-C New York State Education Department for a period of three years. After that time, BART spread throughout the United States and into many countries of the world through the efforts of Evelyn Guyer, the creator and pioneer of this unique program."

"The goal of BART is to bring this nurturing touch of massage to developmentally delayed individuals through continuing education for professionals, support for parents and caregivers and providing educational products and resources."

"The benefits of BART are many and include the ability to address the potential of each special needs individual with a plan of stroking. Relaxation, improved sleep patterns, better respiratory and gastro-intestinal functioning, sensory integration and behavioral organization are just a few. Parents and caregivers bond with their child or young adult on a less technical, more loving level of attachment."